WBUT IT Sem VII Web Technology Question Paper 2010

West Bengal University of Technology (WBUT) IT Web Technology Question Paper for Sem VII Exam 2010, WBUT Sem VII Web Technology Question Papers 2010 For IT Exam Free Download PDF Previous Year WBUT Sem VII IT Web Technology Question Bank 2010 Sample Model Question Paper for Students

Web Technology
Time Allowed :- 3 hours
Full Marks :- 70

1) What are the different kind of parsers used in XML? What is a CDATA section In XML?
2) What .are XML serialization and Binary serialization? Where it actually used?
3) Describe the XML schema in brief.
4. Why is HTP stateless ? How Is the statelessness of HTTP overcome to run E-commerce applications on web?
5. Explain RMI architecture with suitable diagram.

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WBUT IT Sem VII Question Paper 2010 Web Technology West Bengal University of Technology (WBUT) Semester VII Web Technology Exam 2010 IT Sample Papers Free Download PDF

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