Tamilnadu Board SSLC Science Paper II March 2011 Question Paper

Tamilnadu Board Secondary School Leaving Certificate (SSLC)/Oriental School Leaving Certificate (OSLC) Public Examination , TN DGE Class SSLC Question Paper Class SSLC 2013, TN DGE OSLC 2013 Question Paper Tamil nadu Board SSLC Science Paper II March 2011 Year Question Paper 2013 Students Free Download TN DGE Board Question Paper with Answers and Solution 2013 Tamilnadu Board Exam Papers TN DGE 2013 Question Bank with Full Details Board of SSLC Education, Tamil nadu

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 Section – A


I. Choose & write the correct answer:

1. Conjugation in bacteria was first seen by

a) Griffith                                   b) Ehrenberg                               c) Louis Pastur                                 d) Ledgerberg & Tatum

2. Calotropis belongs to the group

a) Capsule                         b) Follicle                               c) caryopsis                                                  d) None of these

3. The chemical agent that induces mutation is

a) Phenol                                   b) Auxin                                  c) Ethylene                                   d) Cytokinin

4. The teritiary treatment of waste water does not include

a) Chemical oxidation                                                                               b) UV Radiation

c) Reverse Osmosis                                                                                    d) Sedimentation

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Tamilnadu Board SSLC Science Paper II March 2011 Question Paper

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