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SMU M.SC. IT Semester I Model | Sample | Mock Test Question Paper for 2013 Exam, This SMU M.SC. IT VB.Net Semester II Question are based on the Sikkim Manipal University M.SC. IT exam syllabus. Free download pdf SMU M.SC. IT VB.Net Semester III Question Bank with solution SMU M.SC. IT VB.Net SEM IV exam 2013 Books and Study Materials are here all these SMU M.SC. IT SEM V question bank and Books is free downloadable,


Full Marks: 140                                                                                                                                                  Time:

1. The _____ model does not offer a model for source code reuse.
D. . Net

3. _____ allow custom items of information about a program element to be stored with an
assembly’s metadata.
A. Properties
B. Attributes
C. Methods
D. Classes

4. The corresponding .Net FCL type for Short is _______________.
A. System.Int32
B. System.Int64
C. System.Int16
D. System.Object

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