PTU MCA 1st Sem Paper 2012 RDBMS

PTU MCA 1st Semester Paper 2012 RDBMS Punjab Technical University Exam 2012 1st Sem RDBMS Test September and March Question Paper Free Download Punjab Technical University RDBMS Question Papers 2012 PTU MCA 1st Semester Question Paper 2012 for all students Previous Year old Past Papers of PTU MCA 1st Sem Paper 2012 RDBMS Punjab Technical University September 2012 and March 2012 Exam MCA 1st Semester Sample Model Question Papers Free Download PDF


 2. Describe database life cycle.
3. Discuss the detail of database design.
4. Diflèrentiate between Centralized and Decentralized design.
5. Compare and contrast time-stamping method and optimistic methods of concurrency Control.
6. Explain the architecture and implementation issues of client-server system.
7. Explain the difièrent forces that drive client/server architecture.
8. Describe and discuss the tenus SPSD and MPMD.
9. What are the major considerations during the design of a warehouse?
10. Define and explain the term OLAP (Online Analytical Processing).
11. What is data mining? Explain its importance in detail.
12. Compare and contrast between operational data and decision support data.
13. Explain the kinds of complexities that can arise in DSS.

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PTU MCA 1st Sem Paper 2012 RDBMS

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