PTU M.Tech Paper 2012 Value Engineering

PTU M.Tech Paper 2012 Value Engineering Punjab Technical University Exam 2012 Value Engineering Test September and March Question Paper Free Download Punjab Technical University Value Engineering Question Papers 2012 PTU M.Tech Question Paper 2012 for all students Previous Year old Past Papers of PTU M.Tech Paper 2012 Value Engineering Punjab Technical University September 2012 and March 2012 Exam M.Tech Sample Model Question Papers Free Download PDF

Value Engineering

 Qi) (a) Clearly bring out the difference between the terms cost, price and value.
(b) Discuss the different types of values.
(c) What are the aims of value Analysis.
Q2) (a) Discuss the main limitations of value Analysis.
(b) What are the main steps in Value Analysis.
Q3) (a) Highlight some of the major differences between value engineering and Other cost reduction tçchniques.
(b) What are cause and effect diagrams. Explain their significance and methodology behind working.
Q4) Explain in detail the role of SWOT and Break Even Analysis in value engineering.
Q5) (a) Explain what is Job Plan?
(b) What is value Engineering cell? Describe its functions and composition.
Q 6) Explain the different phases involved in value engineering operation under taken in a manufacturing organisation.
Q7) (a) What information does a value manual contain?
(b) Describe a cost cutting technique which wouki be very beneficial for service industries.

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PTU M.Tech Paper 2012 Value Engineering

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