PTU M.Tech Paper 2012 Soil Dynamics

PTU M.Tech Paper 2012 Soil Dynamics Punjab Technical University Exam 2012 Soil Dynamics Test September and March Question Paper Free Download Punjab Technical University Soil Dynamics Question Papers 2012 PTU M.Tech Question Paper 2012 for all students Previous Year old Past Papers of PTU M.Tech Paper 2012 Soil Dynamics Punjab Technical University September 2012 and March 2012 Exam M.Tech Sample Model Question Papers Free Download PDF

 Soil Dynamics

 QI) Differentiate between followings.
(a) Intensity and Magnitude of an earthquake.
(b) Free vibration and Forced vibration.
(c) initial liquefaction and cyclic mobility.
(d) Frequency ratio and Damping ratio.
Q2,) (a) A body vibrating in a viscous medium has a period of 0.3 sec and an internal amplitude of3O mm. Determine the logarithmic decrement if the amplitude after 10 cycles is 0.3 mm.
(b) Explain the generation of compression waves, shear waves and Rayleigh raves. Also, give their relative magnitude.
Q3) A retaining wall 8.0 rn high is inclined 200 to the vertical and retains horizontal backfill with following properties.
y = 18 kN/rn3, 0 = 300 and c = 6.0 kN/rn2 soil
There is superimposed load of intensity 1 5 kN/m2 on the backfill. The wall is located in seismic region having horizontal seismic coefficient of 0.1. Compute
(a) Dynamic active earth pressure
(b) Percentage increase in pressure over the static earth pressure.
Symbol’s used carry their usual meanings.

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PTU M.Tech Paper 2012 Soil Dynamics

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