PTU BCA 1st Sem Paper 2012 Communication Skills

PTU BCA 1st Semester Paper 2012 Communication Skills Punjab Technical University Exam 2012 1st Sem Communication Skills Test September and March Question Paper Free Download Punjab Technical University Communication Skills Question Papers 2012 PTU BCA 1st Semester Question Paper 2012 for all students Previous Year old Past Papers of PTU BCA 1st Sem Paper 2012 Communication Skills Punjab Technical University September 2012 and March 2012 Exam BCA 1st Semester Sample Model Question Papers Free Download PDF

 Communication Skills

 4. What are the various objectives of conimunication?
5. Write a note on downward communication. Explain its merits and demerits.
6. “lii business communication courtesy and clarity are as important as conciseness and completeness.” Discuss.
7. Discuss the different points to be observed in the final draft of writing.
8. What are the various baniers in effective listening ? How can they be overcome?
9. “Verbal conimunication is more rnq)ortant than non-verbal communication.” Discuss
10. What is the importance of effective writing skills in Business Communication?
11. Write an application for the post of an Air Hostess in British Airways.
12. Draft an auction notice for partially damaged wheat by Food Corporation of India, Jalandhar City.
13. In a democratic countly free press is the guardian of liberty and the citadel of democratic ideals to protect the public interest. Apart from that. as in the case of private citizen every newspaper must have the fullest iight to publish. propagate and popularize the views and principles to which it is dedicated. irrespective of its ownership. Also it is the iitherent right of the press in any civilized society to encourage the debate in its columns on any issue which affects the nation. The press generally assumes the sacred duly to mould, shape and educate the people. Hence attempts to regulate such an institution will be detrimental to fiee thinking and democratic spirit. The newspaper industiy is different from any other industiy and to stream on par with the rest of business is based on misconception. In democracy there should be as much variety as there are political ideologies.
Read the above passage and answer the following questions:
1. What is the role of flee press in a deniocratic country?
2. What is the inherent right of the press in any civilized society?
3. What is the sacred duty that the press generally assumes ?
4. What can be the outcome of an attempt to regulate or stifle the freedom of press?
5. Give a suitable title to the passage.

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PTU BCA 1st Sem Paper 2012 Communication Skills

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