PTU B.Sc IT 1st Sem Paper 2012 Core Java

PTU B.Sc IT 1st Semester Paper 2012 Core Java Punjab Technical University Exam 2012 1st Sem Core Java Test September and March Question Paper Free Download Punjab Technical University Core Java Question Papers 2012 PTU B.Sc IT 1st Semester Question Paper 2012 for all students Previous Year old Past Papers of PTU B.Sc IT 1st Sem Paper 2012 Core Java Punjab Technical University September 2012 and March 2012 Exam B.Sc IT 1st Semester Sample Model Question Papers Free Download PDF

Core Java

 2. Write and explain some important characteristics of Java language.
3. \Vrite a program to define a class named Shape to represent a geometrical shape. Define subclasses as Triangle. Circle, Rectangle and Square and override super class method to calculate area of a given shape.
4. How can we implement multiple inheritance in Java’?
5. ‘Write an applet to draw a polygon of the given size in the output window.
6. Differentiate between private and protected members of a class.
7. With a suitable example explain how can we pass parameters to an app let’?
8. What is a constructor’? What is its use’? What is a default constructor’?
9. Write a program to sort an array of integers in ascending order.
10. What are different data tpes available in Java’? Give example for each.
ii. Write a program to frnd the sum of all prime numbers between a given range.
12. What are the rules of type conversions in Java’? What is type casting’?
13. Write a program to replace the occurrence of a given character with another in the given string.

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PTU B.Sc IT 1st Sem Paper 2012 Core Java

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