NIOS 12th Psychology Question Paper 2013 Free Download

NIOS Class 12th Psychology Question Paper 2013, NIOS Senior Secondary Class 12th (XII) 2013 Psychology Question Paper NIOS Class XII Psychology Question Paper 2013 Senior Secondary Students Free Download NIOS 12th – XII Psychology Model Question Paper for Students with Answers and Solution 2013 NIOS Board Exam Papers for Class 12 (XII) std NIOS 2013 Sample Psychology Question Bank with Full Details

Maximum Marks – 100
Time – 3 Hourse

1. What are the two main process through which development occurs?

2. what is the name of the stage in growth curve where growth slows down?

3. Identify the age at which the brain attains mature size.

4. Name any two abnormalities which can occur due to some gene combinations in humans.

5. Give an example to illustrate ‘chunking.

6. Name an inventory you can use to test personality of an individual.

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NIOS 12th Psychology Question Paper 2013 Free Download for Senior Secondary NIOS 2013 Exam Sample Model Paper

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