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NIOS Class 12th English Question Paper 2013, NIOS Senior Secondary Class 12th (XII) 2013 English Question Paper NIOS Class XII English Question Paper 2013 Senior Secondary Students Free Download NIOS 12th – XII English Model Question Paper for Students with Answers and Solution 2013 NIOS Board Exam Papers for Class 12 (XII) std NIOS 2013 Sample English Question Bank with Full Details

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1. Unlike any other wild animal the tiger in the story, tiger in the Tunnel came straight at Baldeo. Why did it do so?

2. What suggestion has been given by Nehru to resolve the conflict and confusion that India is facing due to the rapid changes on account of growth of nuclear science and atomic energy?
(India, Her Past and Future)

3. Aradhana in the story, I Must Know the Truth appeared at the stage rather late. Why did she delay her appearance?

4. Why did Dr.Benson force Evans out of the car though he had given lift to him on his way to the Sorley farm?

5. How did the villagers react when a scorpion stung the poet’s mother? What does the poet want to convey through that reaction?

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NIOS 12th English Question Paper 2013 Free Download For Senior Secondary NIOS 2013 Exam Sample Model Paper

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