MP Board Class 12th Business Economics Question Paper

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MPBSE Board Class 12th (XII) Business Economics Previous Year Question 2014, Latest Business Economics Sample Model paper MP Board Class 12th (11th) Free Download For Student Class XI Subject MP Board Class 12th (Class 11th)


1. Fill in the blanks.
(i) The equlilliterium point of aggregate demand and supply is called__________
(ii) The income of central Govt. is collected by__________
(iii) Non-price competition is characteristics by__________
(iv) According to Recardo rent is__________determine price.
(v) According to Adom Smith there are__________principle of Taxation.

2. Answer the following in true or false.
(i) In presence of surplus demand the level of employment will be increased.
(ii) The service tax is imposed by State Government.
(iii) The transfer of value is difficult in barter system.
(iv) The market of sand is local market.
(v) The real wages is the part of money wages.


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MP Board Class 12th Business Economics Question Paper

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