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Q.2 A Choose the correct option.

i. When ray of light enters from rarer medium to denser mediuma.
a. It goes away from normal b. It goes towards normal
c. Parelled to normal d. Reflected
ii. Photosynthesis takes place in presence.
a. Mtochondria b. Chlorophyll
c. Ribosome d. Vacuole
iii. In Aerobic Respiration energy released from one molecule of glucose is a.
38 ATP b. 32 ATP
c. 46 ATP d. ATP
iv. Unit of Resistance.
a. Watt b. Volt
c. Ampere d. Ohm
v. Which metal is not found in solid state.
a. Gold b. Silver
c. Mercury d. Copper


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MP Board 10th Science Question Paper

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