Jharkhand Board 12th PHYSICS-SET-I Model Papers 2014 Free Download

Jharkhand Board 12th PHYSICS-SET-I Model Papers 2014 Free Download

Jharkhand Board Class 12th PHYSICS-SET-I Model Papers 2014, Jharkhand Board Class 12th (XII) 2014 PHYSICS-SET-I Model Papers Jharkhand Board Class XII PHYSICS-SET-I Model Papers 2014 outside Jharkhand Students Free Download Jharkhand Board 12th  – XII PHYSICS-SET-I Model Papers for Foreign Students with Answers and Solution 2014 Jharkhand Board Exam Papers for Class 12 (XII) std Jharkhand Board 2014 PHYSICS-SET-I Question Bank with Full Details.


Time : 3 Hours 

Maximum Marks : 70

1. Farad is a unit for
(a) Electric current        (b) Electric potential

(c) Energy                      (d) Capacitance.

2. A positively charged body has
(a) excess of electrons  (b) deficit of electrons

(c) excess of protons        (d) deficit of protons.

3. As temperature rises, the resistance of a conductor
(a) Increases             (b) decreases

(c) remains constant (d) depends upon nature of conductor.

4. Drift vel. of free electrons in a conductor does not depend upon its
(a) temperature                (b) length

(c) Area of cross-section  (d) material.

5. If the magnetic field is parallel to a surface, then the magnetic flux through the surface is
(a) zero               (b) small but not zero

(c) infinite          (d) large hut not infinite.

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