Jharkhand Board 12th PHYSICS-SET-II Model Papers 2014 Free Download

Jharkhand Board 12th PHYSICS-SET-II Model Papers 2014 Free Download

Jharkhand Board Class 12th PHYSICS-SET-II Model Papers 2014, Jharkhand Board Class 12th (XII) 2014 PHYSICS-SET-II Model Papers Jharkhand Board Class XII PHYSICS-SET-II Model Papers 2014 outside Jharkhand Students Free Download Jharkhand Board 12th  – XII PHYSICS-SET-II Model Papers for Foreign Students with Answers and Solution 2014 Jharkhand Board Exam Papers for Class 12 (XII) std Jharkhand Board 2014 PHYSICS-SET-II Question Bank with Full Details.


Time : 3 Hours 

Maximum Marks : 70

1. When a body is charged, its mass
(a) increases                (b) decreases

(C) remains constant (d) may increase or decrease.

2. The electric field inside a uniformly charged spherical shell is

(a)zero                                       (b) constant

(c) decreases with distance  (d) increases with distance.

3. The resistance of a conductor does not depend upon
(a) length of conductor                      (b) thickness of conductor
(c) nature of material of conductor (d) nature of surroundings.

4. Which of the following e.m. wave has longest wave length.

(a) x-ray                (b) UV rays

(c) IR rays              (d) microwaves.

5. Which of the following phenomena establishes the transverse nature of light wave.
(a) Interference                    (b) Diffraction

(c) Total internal reflection (d) Polarization.

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