GSHSEB 12th Physics Question Paper March 2007 Free Download

GSHSEB 12th Physics Question Paper March 2007 Free Download

GSHSEB Class 12th Physics Question Paper March 2007, GSHSEB Delhi Class 12th (XII) March 2007 Physics Question Paper GSHSEB Class XII Physics Question Paper March 2007 outside Delhi Students Free Download GSHSEB 12th  – XII Physics Question Paper for Foreign Students with Answers and Solution March 2007 GSHSEB Board Exam Papers for Class 12 (XII) std GSHSEB March 2007 Physics Question Bank with Full Details.


Time : 3 Hours

Maximum Marks : 100

1. The relative permeability of a diamagnetic substance is
(A) negative (B) very large
(C) less than one (D) small but greater than 1.

2. An inductor stores energy in its
(A) electric field (B) conducting wire
(C) magnetic field (D) electric and magnetic field.

3. Focal length of the lens of the eye is changed by
(A) Cornea (B) Ciliary muscles
(C) Retina (D) Crystallic lens

4. Which of the following phenomenon is not possible for Sound?
(A) Polarization (B) Reflection
(C) Interference (D) Diffraction

5. The frequency of characteristic X-ray determines……….. property of the target
(A) Atomic weight (B) Atomic number
(C) Melting point (D) Conductivity

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