GSHSEB 12th Math’s Question Paper March 2009 Free Download

GSHSEB 12th Math’s Question Paper March 2009 Free Download

GSHSEB Class 12th Math’s Question Paper March 2009, GSHSEB Delhi Class 12th (XII) March 2009 Math’s Question Paper GSHSEB Class XII Math’s Question Paper March 2009 outside Delhi Students Free Download GSHSEB 12th  – XII Math’s Question Paper for Foreign Students with Answers and Solution March 2009 GSHSEB Board Exam Papers for Class 12 (XII) std GSHSEB March 2009 Math’s Question Bank with Full Details.


Time : 3 Hours

Maximum Marks : 100

1. The rate of increasing volume of the Sphere w. r. t., its surface area is…….

(A) 2r             (B) r/2 

(C) r/4            (D) r/3

2. For the Parabola y2 = – 8x, obtain length of the Latus rectum and the end points of latus rectum.

3. Obtain the equation of the Plane passing through (3, 4, 2), (2, 2, -1) and (7, 0, 6).

4. Find the area of the region bounded by curve x = y, X- axis and the lines x=2 and x=3.

5. Find the differential equation for the family of the lines y = mx + c, where m, c are arbitrary constant.

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