CBSC 12th Physics Question Paper 2013 Free Download

CBSC 12th Physics Question Paper 2013 Free Download

CBSC Class 12th Physics Question Paper 2013, CBSC Delhi Class 12th (XII) 2013 Physics Question Paper CBSC Class XII Physics Question Paper 2013 outside Delhi Students Free Download CBSC 12th – XII Physics Question Paper for Foreign Students with Answers and Solution 2013 CBSC Board Exam Papers for Class 12 (XII) std CBSC 2013 Physics Question Bank with Full Details.


                                                                                 Time : 3 Hours

                                                                             Maximum Marks : 70

1. Is the steady electric current the only source of magnetic field? Justify your answer.

2. When is Ha line of the Balmer series in the emission spectrum of hydrogen atom obtained?

3. Why is the core of a transformer laminated?

4. Where on the surface of Earth is the vertical component of Earth’s magnetic field zero?

5. Show on a plot the nature of variation of photoelectric current with the intensity of radiation incident on a photosensitive surface.

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