CBSE 10th English Communicative Question Paper 2010

CBSE Class 10th English Communicative Question Paper 2010, CBSE Delhi Class 10th (X) 2010 English Communicative Question Paper CBSE Class X English Communicative Question Paper 2010 outside Delhi Students Free Download CBSE 10th  – X English Communicative Question Paper for Foreign Students with Answers and Solution 2010 CBSE Board Exam Papers for Class 12 (X) std CBSE 2010 English Communicative Question Bank with Full Details

      CBSE 10th English Communicative Question Paper 2010 
 Time allowed: 3 hours
Maximum marks: 100

 Look at the notes given be’ow and complete the paragraph that follows. Do not add any new information. Write the answers in your answer sheet against the correct blank                       numbers. 1×4 = 4

Mrs. Gupta — alone — flat — a man knocked — opens — three men enter — Revolvers — tied up — Jewellery worth 50000 — disconnect telephone
Mrs. Gupta was (a) ________________ . A man knocked at
her front door. When she opened the door (b)
At gunpoint they tied up Mrs. Gupta and (c)
worth Rs. 50,000/-. They also

1.2 Find words from the passage that mean the same as

(a) spoiled with too much attention (para 1)
(b) called / signaled (para 2)
(c) having excessive desire to own (para 3)
(d) fail to do something (para 3)

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