CBSE 10th Commerce Question Paper 2010

CBSE Class 10th Commerce Question Paper 2010, CBSE Delhi Class 10th (X) 2010 Commerce Question Paper CBSE Class X Commerce Question Paper 2010 outside Delhi Students Free Download CBSE 10th  – X Commerce Question Paper for Foreign Students with Answers and Solution 2010 CBSE Board Exam Papers for Class 12 (X) std CBSE 2010 Commerce Question Bank with Full Details

CBSE 10th Commerce Question Paper 2010 
 Time allowed: 3 hours
Maximum marks: 100

1. (a) Why is a business establishment divided into different  departments’? Explain. 5
(b) What is ‘Vertical filing’? Explain. 5
(c) What are the main objectives of an office’? ExpIain. 5
(d) List the main advantages of Card Index. 5

2. (a) What is a business letter? Explain any five qualities of a good business letter.
(b) Write a complaint letter to Birla White Cement of Rajasthan regarding the short supply of quantity in 1000 cement bags purchased last week.

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CBSE 10th Commerce Question Paper 2010 Free Download For Delhi, outside Delhi and Foreign Students CBSE Class X 2010 Exam Commerce Sample Paper

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