Bihar Board Intermediate Chemistry Question Paper

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BSEB Board Intermediate (11th) Chemistry Previous Year Question 2014, Latest Chemistry Sample Model paper AP Board Intermediate (11th) Free Download For Student Class XI Subject AP Board Intermediate (Class 11th)


1. 27g of Al will react completely with how many grams of oxygen—
(a)8g (b)16g
(c)32g (d)24g

2. When 3d orbitals are completely filled, the next new electron will enter in—
(a) 4s – orbitals (b) 4p – orbitals
(C) 4d – orbitals -. (d) none of these

3. The elements of the same group of the periodic table have.
(a) Same number of protons (b) Same valance shell
(C) Same valence electrons (d) Same electron affinity


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Bihar Board Intermediate Chemistry Question Paper

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