ANU B.B.M in Financial Accounting Question Papers Previous Year Old Papers

ANU B.B.M in Financial Accounting Paper 2012 Acharya Nagarjuna University Exam 2012 Test Question Paper Free Download Acharya Nagarjuna University Financial Accounting Question Papers 2012 ANU B.B.M in Financial Accounting Question Paper 2012 for all students Previous Year old Past Papers of ANU B.B.M in Financial Accounting Paper 2012 Financial Accounting Acharya Nagarjuna University Exam B.B.M in Financial Accounting Sample Model Question Papers Free Download PDF

Financial Accounting

 Answer any FOUR of the following:                                                    4 x 5 = 20 Marks
1. Reserves and Provisions                             5. Journal Proper
2. Trade Discount                                             6. Suspense Account
3. Capital Expenditure                                     7. Bank Reconciliation Statement
4. Trial Balance                                                  8. Voucher

Answer any ONE of the following questions from each unit:                           5 x 10 
9. Distinguish between Book Keeping and Accounting. What are the functions of Accounting?

10. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of computerized accounting.

11. Record the following in concerned subsidiary books. October 1 Purchased goods from Madhu at a price of Rs.75,000 less trade discount 10% 2 Sold Goods to Prasanna worth Rs.20,000 5 Purchased goods from T.A. Swamy Rs.28,000 7 Returned goods to Madhu at Rs.8,000 8 Goods returned by Prasanna Rs.5,000 10 Sold goods to Pradeep Rs.38,000 12 Goods returned by Pradeep Rs.4,000

12. From the following particulars ascertain the balance that would appear in the pass book of Mr. Ram as on 31st December 1992.
(1) The Cash Book showed a credit balance of Rs.18,500
(2) Out of the cheques worth Rs.30,000 issued prior to this date, it was found that the Bank had paid only cheques worth Rs.14,500
(3) There was also a credit in the Pass Book for an amount paid by our customer direct into the Bank Rs.11,610.
(4) The Bank had also collect the Bill for Rs.8,200 which fell due on 3?t December 1992.
(5) Rs.950 in respect of a cheque paid in but dishonoured appear in the Pass Book only.

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ANU B.B.M in Financial Accounting Question Papers Previous Year Old Papers

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